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My therapy sessions with Kathleen came through recommendation after I shared my suffering with M.E on Instagram.

Though I was sceptical at first after previous efforts with therapy, I got the feeling that I was doing the right thing in my first therapy session with Kathleen almost instantly.

Kathleen is kind, compassionate but most of all very engaged and truly present. She helped guide me and gave me useful tools that bought me clarity at a time when I felt as though I had none.

I can’t thank Kathleen enough and to anyone reading this now, contemplating whether reverse therapy is the right move, I know it can be very tough mentally and emotionally to take that step but if anyone is going to help guide you through it, it’s Kathleen.

Thank you Kathleen for your support, guidance and even the giggles.

D. Robins. U.K. August 2021

One thing is for sure – you are never too old for a Reverse Therapy “re-boot”.

Having got to know Kathleen through Reverse Therapy over 10 years ago on the back of a long-running virus, I knew of the wonders that she can work when it comes to creating some much needed re-structuring to your life, consisting of balance, health, control, emotions, communication…to name a few important aspects of life.

This time around, with several more years on the clock, Kathleen reminded me of the importance of these same factors. She has an incredible ability in understanding each and every situation with empathy, feeling, sincerity but also humour and then using this knowledge to help you understand and remind yourself what a balanced, healthy and fun life should feel like, not forgetting some hard work thrown in.

Kathleen has the most incredible skill in dealing with the stress points, whether they be physical, medical or mental while also making the “re-boot” system fun, enlightening but as importantly, educational. You are never too old to stop learning, and thanks to Kathleen, she has put me firmly back in the right part of the square.

It would be impossible to speak more highly of Kathleen given her skill, humour and intelligence in managing a much needed life adjusting “re-boot”.

Don’t hesitate in contacting her if any of the above sounds familiar. And our children should get to know her, too.

Duncan G.
U.K. April 2021.

I watched an interview with a woman who had recovered through reverse therapy and she said “even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, make Reverse Therapy the one last thing you try”. I’m so glad that I did. After years debilitated with CFS, Fibromyalgia and IBS I felt like I had tried everything, but after reading John Eaton’s book I realised that I had always been treating the symptoms of my problems, not the cause.
Reverse Therapy is completely empowering and has taught me skills I wish I had learnt as a child. I can’t believe how quickly most of my symptoms were completely reversed. Kathleen is such a warm and supportive therapist, and she helps you move forward in the present without painfully reliving the past. I’m so grateful for the help I’ve received and all the things I can now enjoy again!

Chelsea, Australia, July 2019

After months of misdiagnosed illness our previously fit and healthy 16 year old daughter who had been ready to sit her exams, had an after school job, played netball and volunteered at her local guides ended up almost bed bound for months with post viral fatigue.

We were devastated to see our once fit and active daughter reduced to this and with the only advice we received from medical professionals we saw was for her to continue to rest or to contact our local ME group (which was 200 miles away as we had none locally) we were getting desperate. Until one day my cousin shared a post on social media from a mutual friend who said she had been cured of her ME with help from Kathleen Kettles and reverse therapy.

After reading Kathleen’s blog I found stories from people with very similar conditions to Nicola who had been helped, which gave us hope.

I couldn’t wait to get in touch with Kathleen to see if she could help and after contacting her and getting such a warm and encouraging response we arranged a Skype session for Nicola 2 days later.

Nicola was willing to try anything and had a 1 hour consultation in private. We saw an immediate difference in Nicola as she was setting aims for each day and completing them with a sense of accomplishment. By the end of week one she had gone from going back to bed every afternoon to going for walks, showering without needing a chair in the shower and playing cards with her younger sister. She then only needed 3 more half hour consultations over the next 6 weeks with Kathleen and by the end of that she was basically back to normal.

3 months later she is back in full time education, meeting her friends socially, baking, babysitting her cousins and can walk for miles, all because of Kathleen.

Nicola and Kathleen just clicked and we have Kathleen to thank for giving Nicola the opportunity to get her life back on track.

Louise Robertson, U.K. October 2018

I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for three years. It was diagnosed by the doctor through the usual processes. The symptoms were fairly typical: inability to walk for more than 200 yards, pain throughout the body following any exertion, usually with a delayed reaction, brain fog, disorientation. I was only able to work for about three days a week and invariably would have to spend two days a week in bed. Trips to anywhere else in the country were out of the question, trips abroad an impossibility. I basically lived within a 200 yard radius of my bed. As a result, I saw less of my family and my career was becoming impossible to sustain. This hit me particularly hard as I had been highly motivated and productive person right up until my mid 40s.

After diagnosis I became friends with other CFS/ME sufferers and I tried many different cures & remedies. One by one, I attempted massive amounts of supplements, I went on the Keto diet regime, I rebuilt my digestive system with super-pro-biotics, I tried meditation and Jungian psychotherapy, I did phased exercise with high doses of ibuprofen, I tried ingesting Cordyceps and taking hormone and adrenal boosters. After achieving very little through all these separate attempts, I sensed one option looming ahead of me: surrender to the condition.

This very real possibility scared me. I know two other people who surrendered. I knew that if I did then my hope and my body would waste away and my life would be behind me. So, I did something I was advised against. I looked into a therapy that one of my friends with CFS/ME was opposed to and that certain CFS/ME groups are sceptical of. This is Reverse Therapy.

I too was sceptical. Scepticism and cynicism are my general attitudes in life, nonetheless, I felt I had very little left to lose.

I studied the book by John Eaton and underwent a course of therapy with Kathleen Kettles. After my first week I abandoned my dependence on supplements, special diets and painkillers and I walked a mile. By the second week I was out seeing friends I hadn't seen in years and discovering that I wasn't experiencing fatigue after going beyond what I thought was my exhaustion level. Kathleen taught me to listen to my body in ways I hadn’t since I was a child. By week four I was feeling a kind of electric temptation in my muscles. I went swimming and tested myself by playing badminton - an expenditure of activity that I would have thought foolish and dangerous only a month before. I survived. Even though my son thrashed me at the game, he was hugely inspired to see me ‘back on my feet.’

It is now month four, heading into month five, and I've just returned from a two-week holiday in the southern-most part of Europe, which involved walking for miles in scorching heat, climbing hundreds of steps carved into cliff and swimming in the sea. The trip also involved many changes of transport and environment, and variations in diet and daily schedule that I would have found impossible to deal with four months before.

I won’t go into the details of how Reverse Therapy works - I'll leave that to Kathleen and John. Suffice to say that there was a chain of eureka moments and genuine revelations, which occurred alongside specific behaviour modifications and challenges. I can now say that I had chronic fatigue syndrome, in the past tense. And I've been trained to look for the signs of symptoms beginning again and I know now how to act, if and when, such signs appear.

This is one of these very annoying testimonials in which someone tells you that with Factor X, they got their life back. Let me just personalise that a bit and try that again.

I can honestly say that Reverse Therapy gave me my life back.

There, I never thought I'd write something like that - but then again when I was trapped in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome everything was heading towards becoming a ‘never’.

E.M. UK, October 2018

I first contacted Kathleen in 2017, following my Mum's cancer diagnosis in 2016. I was suffering with severe health anxiety, triggered by my Mum’s illness. My symptoms were both mental and physical and with me constantly, completely debilitating, preventing me from enjoying life with my lovely husband and two beautiful young daughters. It was a bolt out of the blue as I had never felt this way, and I was mourning the loss of the happy, positive ‘me’. After countless tests and visits to the doctors, I made contact with Kathleen. I found her immediately very easy to confide in and felt she listened thoughtfully and really understood me. Practical advice was offered every session with specific things to do, that instantly began to make a difference. I really enjoyed our conversations and found Kathleen to be warm, positive and empathetic with a great sense of humour. Her approach was just what I needed. It took time and commitment to implement the methods, but it worked! Today I am happy, symptom free, and enjoying my family so very much. It’s a revelation! I really did not think I would ever recover, but Kathleen had faith. If I do ever have a little wobble, I have the knowledge to pick myself back up. I’m so grateful to Kathleen for her kindness and wisdom.

Anonymous UK, September 2018

Kathleen helped me get my life back. I was not willing to just accept that I'd have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome forever and never be able to do the things I love again like competing in weightlifting and CrossFit. A few months ago doing either of those things left me with heart palpitations, chills, extreme fatigue, and sleepless nights. Too many doctors and nutrition coaches tried to fit my symptoms into inaccurate diagnoses, and I wasted thousands of dollars trying to chase down answers. It turned out that the answers were more simple than I could have ever thought (resting more wasn't one of them!), and my body responded within a couple of days of applying Kathleen's techniques. Now I can train as hard as I want and I have a better balance of fun and work in my life. I'm so thankful to Kathleen for her help, and will miss talking and laughing with her on a regular basis.

Emily Morris, Kentucky, USA. September 2018

Kathleen Kettles got my life back on track! Kathleen is highly skilled with a positive and warm personality. It was so easy to talk to her about my life and issues. She quickly identified strategies I could use to help resolve my problems both physical and mental. She was hugely supportive throughout the entire process. I am truly thankful she picked up the phone when I called her because she turned my life around. She can do the same for you!

Mark, South Wales, October 2017

I had the fortune of being introduced to Kathleen just before the birth of my second child. Having suffered from PND after the birth of my little girl, it then reared its head again weeks before the arrival of my son. It was a difficult time, and although thankfully I was quick to pick up on the signs second time round, Kathleen came to the rescue with some incredibly helpful techniques to get me back on track. It was easily the most engaging and helpful 2 hour phone call I’ve ever had. I couldn’t recommend Kathleen more highly, and I have continued to recommend her to people who feel in need of help to get them out of dark places, or just those that could do with a very good ear to listen to their worries.

Rosie Trotter, June 2016

I’ve always thought that when people talk about their life journeys it was all a bit of a cliché, but in February 2014 I started my own personal journey with ME.

I didn’t know what hit me. I couldn’t comprehend how my body could shut down, and no matter what I did to regain my former health it simply wasn’t listening. Deep down I knew there was a way out, and I genuinely spent large amounts of money on every therapy and remedy possible hoping someone or something would help me alleviate the profoundly debilitating pain and fatigue.

I eventually realized that the only person that could help me was myself, but I needed someone to guide me on the right path. That person was and is Kathleen Kettles.

I began telephone sessions with Kathleen in January 2015. From the moment we started speaking I instantly knew she had the answers.

It’s been a rocky road, and throughout the past ten months my symptoms have at times been intense, but I’ve learnt to understand that they are there for a reason and are a reminder to listen to what’s happening in all aspects of my life, and not to panic.

Life hasn’t returned to normal. It’s different. It’s better. Normal was thinking, thinking, thinking: what happened yesterday, what was happening tomorrow and rushing around trying to keep everyone else happy and paying no attention to myself. As Head of a busy Art and Design Department, the job has become ever more stressful, and life genuinely became all work and no play.

Now I live for the moment, spend more time on what I want to do. It’s been difficult to put myself first, and it’s taken me a lot of time to shut down my head mind, but I realise this has been the basis of my illness. Today I practice being mindful, and spend a lot more time outside. It’s the first time I’ve actually really seen the leaves turn in Autumn and I live on a farm.
Sounds quite simple, but life does take over in this crazy world, and CFS/ME is a horrific wake up call.

Kathleen is profoundly intuitive. She teased out the truth when I didn’t even know it or “feel it” myself, but she had the patience to listen and guide, but equally let me work it out for myself.
She is a genuinely caring individual. She is humorous and earthy but openly sensitive and empathetic.

I can’t thank her enough.

Marjory Tait, Phone Sessions, November 2015

I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue back in 2013. I have a long, 20 year history of various mental health issues including depression and anxiety, which turned into unexplained debilitating symptoms that left me with no strength or motivation to do anything. Just walking upstairs left me feeling exhausted. The GP finally gave me a diagnosis of CFS - but told me "there was nothing more they could do for me, that I might or might not ever get better, I would have to try and learn to live with and manage my symptoms." It was a fairly miserable prospect. It was shortly after that I contacted Kathleen and I have never looked back.

After my first couple of sessions with Kathleen I was amazed by how quickly my body responded to Reverse Therapy. Within a couple of weeks I had climbed to the top of Bennachie. I got eaten alive by midges but still it felt so liberating. Like anything was possible again. We did some trauma removal work initially, that I was a little apprehensive about, having never really spoken about it to anyone before, but I trusted Kathleen, I felt safe and by the end it became a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

As soon as I met Kathleen she made me feel at ease. I felt I could speak openly and honestly to her without ever feeling judged. She is knowledgeable, encouraging, and sensitive and has a great sense of humour. No problem was ever too big or too small - she offered focussed solutions that I always felt very much a part of and were challenging at times but always manageable.

Throughout the whole process I always felt genuinely supported and Kathleen's focus was always helping me to become and learning to live symptom free. Learning about Reverse Therapy and working with Kathleen has changed my life. Not only am I very much living symptom free, I am enjoying life and appreciating everything from the small things to all the good things life has to offer. I can honestly say for the first time I am looking forward to living the rest of my life to the full.

Joanne, Aberdeen 2015

My son is highly motivated to do well and performed very well in class, small tests and in hockey training, but his teachers couldn't understand why he under performed in exams and in matches. Sports psychology made him worse and then we remembered how much Kathleen had helped my daughter defeat ME and decided to see if she could work miracles again.

Kathleen's sessions are full of fun, she's so easy to talk to and with the cards and mechanisms she gave him to help cope it's astounding how well he has done by unlocking his potential.

Sue, mother of an Aberdeen client, August 2013

If you are reading this and debating with yourself about whether you should book that first appointment with Kathleen then my advice is “Do it now!”

I had struggled with CFS for many years and had tried various strategies and techniques recommended by health professionals, but to no avail. I decided to “give Kathleen a go” when I was going through a particularly bad spell, and I’m so glad that I did! I began to feel a real difference after my second session with her, and by session eight I was ready, willing and able to go it alone. I feel so much better. I haven’t had this much energy, enthusiasm and pleasure out of life for years.

So how did this all happen? I believe that the key to my successful treatment is Kathleen herself. She is an amazing person with so many wonderful gifts and qualities. She seems to me to have an innate ability to create and sustain the all-important therapeutic relationship. Her skills and personality, coupled with some very helpful insights and strategies from Reverse Therapy, has made all the difference for me. Of course I had to play my part in this, after all, there is no magic wand in life. However, if you work at what Kathleen recommends then change IS possible. So go on, make that appointment and “give Kathleen a go”.

Ian, Forres, November 2012

My line manager suggested I see Kathleen. I was a bit hesitant at first as I’ve never done anything like that before but as soon as I met Kathleen she put me at ease and I felt I could tell her anything without being judged. She was friendly, caring and loving from the minute I walked in her door. Kathleen gave me some tips on how to focus myself in the present time instead of consuming my thoughts with sad events from the past. She gave me strategies to concentrate when I was in conversation with people, particularly my kids and gave me plenty encouragement to stay strong and keep positive. I’m ten months on now since I lost my partner and by taking help and advice from Kathleen I’m starting to feel like life will one day be okay again for me and my kids. My children tell me frequently how much better I’ve become at focusing on the positive things & living in the moment. Kathleen has been a great support to me through what truly has been the toughest time in my life.

Carol, Shetland Clinic, October 2012

My life has changed since my phone appointments with Kathleen. I have had M.E and crippling pains for 23 years and I now feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I am cleaning windows, hoovering, gardening, knitting and learning to crochet. I hope to start a computer course soon. Thank you so much!

K.D Livingston, Phone Sessions, October 2011.

I know I've not contacted you in a while but I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I completed my first ever half marathon in 1 hour 51:53 minutes.
To go from a position of being bedbound for 3 years to this was an incredible feeling and though I have been 'well' for a long time now, doing this run gave me the full validation of this and it has lifted something in me in a new way.
I would never have believed that I would ever have been able to even contemplate such a thing, prior to working with you. You did so much to help me and it felt so great to have such a physical achievement as I did yesterday! It was a wonderful feeling to achieve this and I am aiming for a full marathon next year.
To be able to believe in my body again is a wonderful gift and I hope that other people will read this on your website and come to you for help. I could never have got to the position of being able to do this without the patient and brilliant support you gave me.
Thanks again Kathleen, I will keep you updated with my athletic endeavours!

Tim Watmough, Dundee Clinic & Phone Sessions, May 2011

My 70th birthday present last month was a trip to the Maldives for 10 days (with 3 kids under 4 years old!) It was great and I did my first proper snorkel out on a reef and it was magical. So many, many times I think of you and the life you gave back to me. Also the laughs we had in the process! We cycled (tricycled) around the island. It was quite physical, and non stop but it felt so relaxed and I was so happy to be part of it all – oh what joy to be M.E free! I can never thank you enough!

Ann L. Edinburgh Clinic, December 2009.

I’m convinced that it’s only because I was fortunate enough to have therapeutic support sessions with Kathleen Haden at the right time for me, that I am still operating as a senior leader in my organisation.

I’m a senior manager with a Scottish Council, my organisation is like any other, it only keeps working and delivering its purpose because of the people who work in it. And it only keeps on doing that well when the people, and especially the key people, are functioning well and focused positively on their jobs.

We have a lot of staff doing a wide range of jobs. Leadership in any organisation is hard work, demanding and with the constant demand for change accompanied by an ever tighter economic situation it can sometimes challenge even the most able and robust personalities. When those challenges are complicated by traumatic or complex personal situations, it can become completely overwhelming. Far too easily things can get out of hand, ineffective performance makes problems worse, careers get sidetracked, relationships at home and at work deteriorate, the organisation and customers suffer.

That’s what was happening to me at the start of this year, I’m one of the senior corporate management team, was leading a very large change management programme. We had just got to the most significant point in implementation and I also went through a split with my wife in very acrimonious and traumatic circumstances. Direct colleagues were sympathetic and helpful enough but that in many ways just made dealing effectively with my issues worse.

I firmly believe that it was only through being fortunate enough to access the external, expert and independent advice and therapy provided by Kathleen Haden (Kettles) that enabled me to cope, and to recover, while continuing to perform effectively and successfully in my role at work.

Her professional approach and the impartial confidential service she provided addressed my stress and anxiety quickly and effectively. She introduced me to a range of coping strategies and ensured that I dealt with the challenges I was facing in a managed and competent fashion while still performing effectively in my role.

Kathleen has been successfully involved in a range of the other most complex and sensitive personal performance issues affecting management in my organisation with consistently impressive results. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to you.

JS. Corporate Client 2009

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